Halloween Dance Fest 2014

Last night was our 4th Annual Halloween Dance Fest and we were so happy to host everyone in our new(ish) studio! It was perfect for our party. Everyone's costumes were ballin' this year - so let's get right to the Smilebooth photos! Congrats to our costume winners below!

 photo halloween4001.jpg photo halloween4003.jpg photo halloween4020.jpg photo halloween4005.jpg photo halloween4006.jpg photo halloween4004.jpg photo halloween4007.jpg photo halloween4009.jpg photo halloween4010.jpg photo halloween4019-1.jpg photo halloween4012.jpg photo halloween4014.jpg photo halloween4013.jpg photo halloween4016.jpg photo halloween4015.jpg photo halloween4008.jpg photo halloween4019.jpg photo halloween4021.jpg photo halloween4002.jpg photo halloween4022.jpg photo halloween4024.jpg photo halloween4025.jpg photo halloween4017.jpg photo halloween4023.jpg photo halloween4027.jpg photo halloween4028.jpg photo halloween4026.jpg photo halloween4031.jpg photo halloween4030.jpg photo halloween4032.jpg photo halloween4029.jpg