Ian + Betsy

T.J. and I first met Betsy when we came to The Farm at Eagles Ridge to shoot some photos for a brochure they were making.  We spent that day talking about weddings, life and all the things they had to look forward to stepping into the world of weddings.  Fast forward twoish years and The Farm is one of the premiere venues in Lancaster County.  Our team loves to shoot there and are so thankful for how Betsy and her sister Paige treat us on a wedding day.  They are kind, level headed and will do whatever we need to do to get the shot.  They are amazing!

Last Friday T.J. and I headed to The Farm at Eagle's Ridge to shoot Betsy and her fiancé Ian's engagements!  We spent our time talking about their wedding season at The Farm, what they like to do for fun and which shows are their current Netflix favorites.  My favorite part of the engagements were when Betsy got the "church giggles" over Ian being a weirdo and couldn't stop laughing.  T.J. and I are so honored to be shooting their wedding next fall, it's going to be amazing!  Enjoy a few of my favorites and if you need a great venue to get married at make sure you check out The Farm at Eagles Ridge! They're the bomb diggity.  - Brooke

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