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Alex + Grace

After photographing their engagement photos, I just knew that Alex + Grace's wedding would be a fantastic day. We traveled to The Mansion at Tappan Hill, the former estate of Mark Twain just north of Manhattan. Their wedding day screamed of elegance and it showed greatly in their details. From the beautiful succulents to the amazing handcrafted paper goods, I loved everything about their day. I think my favorite part of the evening was listening to Alex's friend MC the reception. With his British accent, the jokes and wittiness combined for one of the most entertaining nights ever! Here are some of our favorites, it was so hard to narrow it down! -Jeff

 photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-1.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-2.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-3.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-4.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-5.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-6.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-7.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-8.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-9.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-10.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-11.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-12.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-13.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-14.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-15.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-16.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-17.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-18.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-19.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-20.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-21.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-22.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-23.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-24.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-25.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-26.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-27.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-28.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-29.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-30.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-31.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-32.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-33.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-34.jpg photo brookecourtney_alexgracewedding-35.jpg

Ryan + Kaila

Joe + Emily