Scott + Liz

Last weekend, T.J. and I traveled to Annapolis Maryland to shoot Scott + Liz's wedding. We stayed in a trendy little hotel and enjoyed walking around town both before and after their big day. It was sort of like an early birthday getaway for me!

Liz is a longtime friend of Shea, who T.J. went to college with. So, T.J. had meet Liz once or twice before, but I never had! Liz was so excited to see us when we arrived at her parent's house - it was awesome. Once everyone was ready, we took a trolley to the venue, the beautiful Historic London Town and Gardens.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding celebration happened right after Liz walked down the aisle. Scott was so excited to see her that right after she hugged her Dad and turned to Scott, he tried to kiss her. Liz obviously put her hands up to stop him, not wanting to be kissed before the "you may kiss your bride" moment - but everyone got a good laugh out of the interaction!

Scott and his family are British and so I basically listened to anything they said because their accents were so awesome. You'll see that some of the groomsmen had the British flag on their socks, while others had the American flag!

T.J. and I really enjoyed shooting Scott + Liz's big day. It barely felt like work. And I love when that happens. Enjoy!

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